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Last updated 12:10 PM on 9 September 2013



Bourke Public School celebrates National Recognition Week for all School Administrative and Support Staff

This week students, parents and staff at Bourke Public School will acknowledge the hard work done by School Administrative and Support Staff (SAS Staff) as part of National Recognition Week.

National Recognition Week runs from Monday 9th to Friday 13th of September.

This year's theme is "Vital to Education".

Every day of the school year SAS Staff face new challenges in the running of our public schools and the provision of the quality education which our children will need for life in the 21st century. They are constantly adapting to change so that our children can have the best education possible.

SAS Staff are a dedicated group of professional workers who are often overlooked in the school setting. Recognition Week gives the whole school the opportunity to demonstrate to SAS Staff that they are valued members of the school community.

SAS Staff at Bourke Public School play a vital role in students' learning by assisting teachers with implementing educational programs, maintaining records and assisting in producing newsletters, and maintaining the grounds to keep our school safe.

National Recognition Week is a great time to thank all our SAS staff for their hard work and dedication

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